United Kingdom

Mitsubishi Electric

With effect from 1st January 2018, Climaveneta UK trading activities for Climaveneta Chillers, Cooling Products and Services were transferred to Mitsubishi Electric.

The joining of the two companies establishes a stronger position for the Climaveneta products in the UK chiller market and brings all UK operating companies under the Mitsubishi Electric brand, ensuring that our traditional high performance levels in all aspects of Sales, Service and Support will continue.

Originally founded in 1921, the company known today as Mitsubishi Electric has almost 100 years of experience in providing reliable, high quality products to both corporate clients and general consumers all over the world.

The company was first established in the UK in the 1980’s and has grown to become one of Britain’s foremost manufacturers of cooling and heating products. In the UK, the Living Environment Systems Division provides proven solutions that cool, heat, ventilate and control our buildings in some of the most energy efficient ways possible.

The ideal partner for any Comfort, Process or IT cooling project

From innovative multi-use heat pumps for simultaneous heating and cooling, to high efficiency chillers and plant room optimisation systems, Climaveneta products offer the ideal solution for high efficiency, sustainable HVAC and IT cooling projects.

Service with Complete Peace of Mind

Our Technical Services team is one of the most experienced water chiller and air conditioning service providers in the UK. With commitment to the customer being central to all our after-sales support activities, we offer a nationwide 24/7 service, enabling our customers to focus on their own business, while we take care of the detail.

Our planned service & maintenance programmes are tailored to the needs of our clients, ensuring quick response to problems and minimising the downtime of any make or model of equipment. We also offer a spare parts service.