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Air cooled chillers with inverter screw compressors and HFO refrigerant


i-FX-G04-Y is the eco-friendly and high performing chiller that combines the advantages of full inverter technology with a low GWP HFO refrigerant R1234ze.

Dedicated to industrial facilities which require highly dependable operation, the new air-cooled chiller with full inverter screw compressors meets premium level efficiency values - EER up to 3,36 and SEPR HT up to 6,43 – in any operating mode offering the market a green product thanks to its full inverter technology and HFO refrigerant.

i-FX-G04-Y is the result of Mitsubishi Electric’s extensive approach to sustainability. Combining brilliant annual efficiency, thanks to the full inverter technology, with the use of a low GWP refrigerant, i-FX-G04-Y tackles both the indirect (due to the primary energy consumption) and the direct global warming impact, thus resulting in the perfect choice for any new, forward-looking cooling system.

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i-FX-G04 Y: sustainability
i-FX-G04 Y: high efficiency
i-FX-G04 Y: technological choices
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